We Deserve Better

To The Reader’s Forum:

Over the last few days the media, in print, radio, television and internet was all hyped up about a few thousand people protesting gun rights. At about the same time, over 650,000 people staged Marches for Life in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, California. Not only did the media hardly gave them a whisper of coverage, when they did throw them a bone they struck out “March for Life” and called them abortion protests. Since the Roe v Wade decision forty years ago, over 56,000,000 babies have been destroyed.

The anti gunner politicians were gifted with what they have been waiting for years for, a tragic, gun related massacre. They are totally ignoring the carnage being wracked in abortion clinics across the country. It has been scientifically proven that life does begin at conception and these babies they are eliminating are indeed children.

In the name of politics, profit and votes the biggest holocaust in history is taking place in our hometowns across the United States, this is unconscionable! What are we Americans thinking? We are letting the government take away our liberties as it sees fit. We deserve better!

Will we keep voting for the same people year after year as our rights are poured down the drain? We law-abiding, gun owning, pro-life God-fearing citizens are now considered “Terrorists “. If we are, then what are the abortionists and the politicians that under the guise of “Women’s Rights” are gleefully allowing that to go on?

Anthony Pingitore