Ring PTA Helps Through Activities

The smell of freshly made popcorn is in the air every other Wednesday at Ring Elementary School thanks to its dedicated PTA and volunteers. From 8 a.m. to noon, volunteers Diane Johnson, Bob Cordosi, Cindy Torres and Donna Eskeli, along with other PTA members, pop and bag popcorn for students and staff at 25 cents a bag.

However, four times a year, the PTA holds free popcorn days. To keep up with the demand on the free days, which includes popping and bagging more than 520 bags of popcorn, the PTA volunteers come in Tuesday night to pop corn. It is just one of numerous activities that the Ring Elementary School PTA holds for their school.

“It is so important for parents and grandparents to participate in the PTA,” said Johnson. “It is an opportunity to have a direct impact on our child’s education and know what is going on in school. Many of the activities we hold each year for the children would never happen if not for parental involvement and volunteers.”

Other yearly activities include: Santa’s Workshop, Ring Fun Fair, Scholastic Book Fair, can drives, hat and mitten trees for local charities, playground fund, family movie nights, breakfast with mom and dad for Mother’s and Father’s days and, most recently, a book drive. The Ring PTA is asking for gently used, elementary school books to use as incentives for students to read more.

“The reading standards are really high, and the PTA tries to encourage reading in any way we can,” said Johnson. “St. Luke’s Church has donated books so we are hoping for more donations.”

The book drive will give books to students of the week and for teachers to hand out as classroom incentives. Anyone interested in donating children’s books can drop them off at the main office in care of the Ring Elementary School PTA.

“I enjoy kids,” said Cordosi, whose granddaughter attends Ring School. “I’m retired, and it is so much fun to come in and meet my granddaughter’s friends. I think people forget that you can still volunteer on the PTA even if your kids are grown.”