Giving Recognition

The Resource Center honored 137 employees and board members when the agency held its 28th annual Employee Service Recognition Luncheon.

The event, held in TRC’s Conference Center on Dunham Avenue in Celoron, paid tribute to people who, during 2012, completed milestone years of service with the not-for-profit human service agency, which has been supporting people with disabilities and their families in Chautauqua County since 1958.

The longest-serving employee at this year’s event was Virginia Shields of Randolph, who retired recently after 35 years at TRC.

Ms. Shields spent her entire career at the Jamestown Work Center, retiring as the industrial quality assurance specialist.

“A chapter of my life has ended, and it’s been a wonderful chapter,” she said after receiving her award. “The Resource Center, the consumers, are like one, big family. I’ve spent half of my life here, and it’s been a great half.”

In appreciation for her years of service, Ms. Shields was given a gift card and a jeweled lapel pin in the shape of TRC’s logo.


Recognized for 30 years of service were Kathy Field of Jamestown, associate executive administrative assistant; MaryJo Hamilton of Frewsburg, associate director of residential services; Angela Kae Lachiusa-Kent of Jamestown, residence manager (RM); Leda Peterson of Jamestown, site supervisor (SS); Kathy Peterson-VanHorn of Ashville, habilitation specialist (HS); Penny Roberts of Ashville, housekeeping supervisor; Trudy VanDette of Jamestown, RM; and Patricia Wunder of Dunkirk, direct support professional (DSP). Each of these employees was given a gift card and a lapel pin.


Honored for 25 years of service were Elaine Adams of Jamestown, licensed practical nurse (LPN); Michele Albaugh of Warren, assistant director of staff training; Jeff Beightol of South Dayton, materials manager; Lisa Covey of Lakewood, activity leader (AL); Barney Davis of Jamestown, RM; Sandy Davis of Jamestown, HS; Mary Ginley of Dunkirk, residence coordinator (RC); Kim Greco of Falconer, administrator; Debbra Grossman of Kennedy, cook; Madeline Haskins of Sinclairville, administrative assistant; Sheila Hyde of Ashville, third-shift supervisor; Gary Lawson of Lakewood, driver; Stephen Lindquist of Jamestown, director of information systems; Kathryn Pope of Russell, HS; James Prince of Jamestown, behavior support professional (BSP); Melissa Rasmussen of Jamestown, production trainer; Joan Scalise of Bemus Point, finance manager; Wendy Stimson of Falconer, community living skills instructor; and Michael Zebracki of Dunkirk, maintenance specialist. Each of these employees received a gift card and a pin.


Completing 20 years of service were Dennis Bergmann of Orchard Park, social worker; Heather Courtney of Jamestown, RC; Lori D’Angelo of Jamestown, logistics manager; Elizabeth Kennedy of Fredonia, program manager; Linda Knight of Jamestown, RM; Donna Lee of Jamestown, driver; Lisa Mattoon of Jamestown, assistant residence manager (ARM); Michelle Rizzardi of Russell, service coordinator (SC); David Steed of Jamestown, DSP; Cheryl Thompson of Dunkirk, habilitation skills instructor; and Sue Woods of Ashville, cost accountant. Each of these employees received a gift card and a pin.


Recognized for 15 years of service were Linda Carlson of Jamestown, administrative assistant; Dennis Carpenter of Kennedy, internal auditor; Edith DeJesus of Dunkirk, DSP; William Dorman of Jamestown, industrial specialist; Catherine Ensminger of Jamestown, administrative assistant; Lawrence Feeney of Union City, PA, physical therapy assistant; Dr. Harry Glatz of Jamestown, board member; Laurie Moretti of Jamestown, DSP; Valerie Propheter of Jamestown, patient registrar; Beth Ray of Fredonia, vocational skills instructor; John M. Smith of Celoron, environmental services supervisor; Tracy Swan of Warren, DSP; Richard Tuzzo of Jamestown, telecommunications coordinator; and Kristen Zampogna of Jamestown, ARM. Each of these employees received a desk clock and a pin.


Honored for 10 years of service were Paula Arntz of Dunkirk, production and facilities maintenance technician; Jennifer Bartkowiak of Dunkirk, dental hygienist; Sharron Burak of Jamestown, nurse manager; Rosemarie Carlson of Jamestown, DSP; Ginger Colburn of Sugar Grove, BSP; Anna Dubej-Phillips of Frewsburg, secretary; Trevor Ellis of Jamestown, service coordination supervisor; Peggy Elofson of Jamestown, quality assurance/quality improvement clinical coordinator; Linda Ernewein of Celoron, driver; Sara Fink of Lakewood, CLS; Deborah Glover of Ashville, DSP; Susan Hatfield of Jamestown, DSP; Stephen Hauck of Jamestown, marketing specialist; Anna Houser of Dunkirk, DSP; Kelly Jacobs of Jamestown, DSP; Shawn Kane of Bemus Point, DSP; Dr. Mumtaz Karimi of Lakewood, physician; Donna Knopsnider of Jamestown, DSP; Melinda Larson of Jamestown, AL; Deborah Long of Frewsburg, cook; Jennifer Magee of Jamestown, housekeeper; Wanda McBride of Jamestown, clinical team aide; Brandi Mercado of Jamestown, medical aide; Michele Merwin of Dunkirk, certified occupational therapy assistant; Shawn Mitchell of Randolph, maintenance specialist; Christin Mueller of Frewsburg, ARM; Patricia Organ of Dunkirk, supervising nurse; Carl Pusbach of Westfield, transportation aide; Melissa Ramsey of Jamestown, site manager; Amy Schulz of Falconer, SC; Vicki Smith of Frewsburg, DSP; Tanya Spoon of Jamestown, LPN; Laura Taylor of Jamestown, ARM; Jennifer A. Volk of Falconer, supervising pharmacist; Dr. John Vona of Silver Creek, dentist; Autumn Walters of Jamestown, DSP; and Sheila Weber of Jamestown, DSP. Each of these employees received a key chain or necklace bearing a jeweled likeness of TRC’s logo.


Those completing five years of service were Susanne Allenbrand of Sinclairville, LPN; Kevin Anderson of Falconer, administrator; Dawn Beardsley of Jamestown, LPN; Stephanie Bickell of Great Valley, mental health clinician; Megan Calabrese of Lakewood, LPN; Dan Clement of Sugar Grove, SLS; Molly Cook of Jamestown, LPN; Juan DeJesus of Jamestown, driver; Richard Doss Jr. of Jamestown, BSP; Patti Eckberg of Jamestown, DSP; Ashley Eckstrom of Jamestown, clerk; Erin Ford of Warren, dental assistant; Michael Haddad of Jamestown, maintenance specialist; Andrew Haggerty of Jamestown, DSP; Alton Helmer of Fredonia, driver; Megan Holt of Jamestown, DSP; Rhonda Johnson of Sinclairville, SLS; Patrick Kent of Jamestown, driver; Rachel Kephart of Jamestown, DSP; Kristina Kinney of Jamestown, DSP; Melissa Klenke of Jamestown, RM; Holly Lange of Jamestown, DSP; Candace Larson of Lakewood, MH counselor; Jaime Lauffenburger of Jamestown, electronic medical records analyst; Maria Lavicska of Jamestown, clerk; Cynthia Learn of Randolph, SLS; Richard Meek of Dewittville, RM; Bobby Morris of Jamestown, MA; Louise Neckers of Celoron, DSP; Charlene Nieder of Jamestown, BSP; Catherine Nugent of Jamestown, DSP; Alicia Peterson of Jamestown, SC; Kimberly Quanz of Sherman, MHC; Deseree Richter of Jamestown, DSP; Cori Sanders of South Dayton, SC; Anna Santiago of Dunkirk, patient registrar; Nancy Simmons of Westfield, DSP; Katie Smith of Jamestown, board member; Richard Smith Jr. of Jamestown, DSP; James Stanford of Jamestown, DSP; Peggy Stingel of Jamestown, DSP; Allyson Swan of Clarendon, LPN; Deborah Swanson of Jamestown, RN; Ellen Vellia of Lakewood, transportation supervisor; Doug Vetillaro of Fredonia, DSP; Albert Warner II of Jamestown, ARM; Wendy Wilcox of Jamestown, BSP; Chad Wilson of Jamestown, DSP; and Amos Wright of Jamestown, DSP. Each of these employees received a lapel pin.

Nickey Riczker, TRC’s director of human resources, was the mistress of ceremonies. For employees who have served 20-plus years, she shared some biographical information with the audience.

The invocation was given by Wayne Hotelling, a member of the board of directors. Welcoming remarks were made by executive director Paul Cesana and by Dr. Todd Jacobson, board president. .

“The Resource Center is a complicated organization, and it takes a number of years to learn the ropes and comprehend the big picture of how everything fits together to form the organization we know as TRC and provide the coordinated services our consumers need,” Jacobson said. “Even after five years here, there are others newer than you who look to you as the go-to person, the expert, the dependable source of advice, information and help. We are fortunate as an organization to have so many of these seasoned experts to lead and guide us through the day-to-day difficulties of working in this field.”

He concluded, “As parents of special needs children, of which many of our Board members are, we are well aware that it takes a special person to work with and connect with our children. You, our long-time service awards recipients, are that special person who exemplifies the TRC Beliefs and have always made the organization the best in making a positive difference in our children’s lives. Our children, and those others you serve, are so fortunate to have all of you.”