Traditional Seder To Be Held At Spire Theater

A traditional Jewish Passover Seder with special emphasis on Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and His Last Supper will be held March 16 and 23 from 3-7 p.m.

Each year, both Jews and Messianic Jews celebrate the Passover Seder. What is the difference between a Jew and a Messianic Jew? A traditional Jew is still looking for the coming Messiah. He does not believe that Jesus was that foretold Messiah. A Messianic Jew is one who has been raised Jewish but now accepts Jesus as the One, the Messiah, yet retains his Jewish heritage and traditions. The celebration of Passover Seder takes on a whole new meaning to the Messianic Jews and they sometimes celebrate with additional readings, rituals and songs.

Area resident Messianic Minister Philip Petscher of Hatikvah Ministries who just finished a three-month series at Fluvanna community church, will guide participants through the ritual showing how; for Passover, step by step, the prophetic significance of Jesus as the Passover lamb is revealed. This service ends in the partaking of the unleavened bread and drinking of the cup showing the origin of the communion service.

Admission is $18 and includes the traditional Jewish meal. Advanced reservation is required. Reservations can be made by calling 708-8879 and cash, check, and credit cards are accepted. One hundred percent of the proceeds are to benefit Shannon’s Kids Series (a program dedicated to raising funds for local children undergoing medical treatment). The next two children who will benefit from Shannon’s Kids are Elisha Kulpa and Rosie Thrasher-Miller.

The Spire Theater is located on 317 E. Third St. downtown Jamestown across from the post office.

For more information call Shannon Nixon at 708-8879 or email her at