Cellphones Are Ruining Society

To the Readers’ Forum:

Cell phones, I-Pads, I-Phones, digital cameras are all so small that I refuse to torture myself by using one. I would have to hold it in my hand, lose it from a pocket, lose it in a purse, drop it or lose it by setting it somewhere. I would be tied to it and have to take it everywhere. No thanks!

In the grocery store, I see men with a wee phone on their ears saying, ”Hey Dear, should I buy the detergent with the purple label or the green?” Good grief, make a list!

Because of these phones, English, punctuation and spelling are going down the drain. You have to buy minutes and stop talking when in a certain zone. You have to buy another phone when this one breaks of becomes obsolete. It becomes a major expense.

Being older, I cannot read the phone’s screen or push the buttons correctly because they are so tiny. And, I would dread having something bad happen if my personal information leaked.

Therefore, I do not intend to buy these products that people think are so essential. Using a cell phone for an emergency might be the only reason to own one. But, what if you were in ”the zone?”

Patricia E. Moniot