Wingin’ It

Most people may call today ”Super Bowl Sunday,” but local pizza-and-wing businesses may title it, ”Super Busy Sunday.”

Bair’s Pizza, 34 W. Main St., Falconer, said people placing an order, wanting their food in a timely manner, should call ahead. Bair has a Super Bowl special of two large pizzas and 40 wings for $42.99.

”We will probably be three times as busy,” Yvonne Bair, owner, said about the volume of orders her business will receive during the Super Bowl compared to a regular football Sunday. ”If you call between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., during the Sunday rush, it will be at least a two-hour wait.”

When Mike Moyer, Tasta Pizza owner, was asked about when to order Super Sunday fare in advance he joked, ”A week ago.”

”It is more than one day,” he said. ”It is a long effort to prepare. It takes a big team effort. All the employees have to be on their A-game.”

Moyer, whose business is located at 11 E. Main St., Falconer, said he usually gets the same amount of orders for pizza and wings during the big game. However, Moyer said he doesn’t know if this year that will be the case.

”This year will be interesting because of the price of wings,” he said. ”There so much higher (costs), not only for us, but for the customer. I don’t know what is going to happen.”

Chicken companies produced about 1 percent fewer birds last year, due in large part to record high corn and feed prices The wholesale price of wings will be the most expensive ever during Super Bowl XLVII, as demand rises and supply shrinks. Wings are also the highest priced part of the chicken. Wholesale wings are currently at about $2.11 a pound in the Northeast, the highest on record at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, up 26 cents or 14 percent from a year ago.

One special Tasta Pizza is having Sunday is a large one-topping pizza and two orders of boneless chicken bites for $21.95.

Jake Johnson, Frewsburger Pizza Shop manager, said Super Bowl Sunday is the day people want to order chicken wings.

”Pizza goes up, but wing orders really kick up. Five to six times more than the normal Sunday,” Johnson said. ”Wing orders go up a massive amount.”

Johnson said people placing orders when the business opens at 1 p.m. Sunday, will get their food at the requested time. However, orders placed after opening will be delivered 50 minutes to an hour later. The Frewsburger Pizza Shop, which is located 11 W. Main St, Frewsburg, has a Super Bowl special of two large one-topping pizzas for $22.99.

Rudy’z Pizza, 880 Foote Ave., Jamestown, also sees an increase in wing sales. Andy Bennett, Rudy’z Pizza manager, said during a normal Sunday when the Buffalo Bills play, they will sell about 250 pounds of wings.

”Last year during the Super Bowl, we sold about 520 pounds of wings,” Bennett said. ”It is the biggest night of the year.”

Bennett said Rudy’z will be serving its entire menu, just not pizza and wings today. One special available is a large one-topping pizza and a double order of chicken fingers for $20.99.