Telling Her Brother’s Story

Thirty-two years after her brother’s murder, Yvonne Park has finally found some resolution – in the form of a published book.

Recently Park, who serves as the Villenova town supervisor, published a book entitled “Murder for Hire – My Brother’s Story.”

As the name suggests, the book tells the story of Park’s brother, Ron Fisher, and the strange events which conspired to his hired murder.

“My brother was murdered in 1980,” said Park. “This whole time I’ve had everything – the trial transcripts, the newspaper articles – everything. Then Don Munch, who was the senior investigator on my brother’s murder suggested that we get someone to write a book about the murder. We looked for an author, but couldn’t find one. So finally I wrote it.”

Park took out all the old newspaper clippings and read through them all again. Though Park said that it was very difficult to go back through such a traumatic time in her life, she was able to finish writing her 120,000-word book in just over three months.

“I had everything, so I just sat down and put it together,” said Park. “It started with my brother being engaged to someone named Patty Smith. They were engaged for six years, but then they separated. She started seeing someone named Michael Lafferty, who had been married and had two little girls. They ended up separating and Smith got back together with my brother, but Lafferty was jealous and couldn’t take it.

“Lafferty would come out here with his friends and go to the bowling alley asking where my brother was,” continued Park. “Lafferty put a murder contract out for my brother because he was so angry. On June 27, 1980, at about 8 a.m., my brother was riding his motorcycle home to my parents’ house. A van came up behind him and one of the passengers shot him in the back 12 times. A neighbor got a description of the van, which really helped, otherwise they might have not found the men who did it.”

According to Park, all those who were responsible were arrested and convicted of their crimes. However, the memory of what happened is still always with her.

“It was difficult for me (to write the book),” said Park. “I’d sit down to write, and then I would have to stop. I’d have to get up, clear my mind, regroup, then start writing again. There were so many facts that I had forgotten, and going through the newspaper (clippings) again brought back a lot of memories. However, I think it’s something that people need to know about. Even though it’s been 33 years, we still talk about it. I think writing this book has brought me a lot of closure.”

Park’s book is currently available on, and in a few weeks should be available for download on Kindle. The Book Nook in Fredonia also has copies available.

According to Park, the public has received her book well.

“As of (Jan. 22) I’ve sold 64 copies on Amazon,” said Park. “I’ve sold almost 40 myself too, but Facebook has helped a lot with that. A lot of people knew my brother, and a lot of those people have purchased books.”

Park will also host two books signings: at the South Dayton Library on Feb. 9 and also at The Book Nook. For information on the Book Nook signing, please call 366-0685.