County Home Vote: Reason, Not Emotion, Must Take Precedence

To the Readers’ Forum:

I work in the human services field in the capacity of overseeing service delivery and funding resource management. I do the best I can to meet the needs of individuals, with the ever decreasing resources available, all while ensuring fiscal responsibility and oversight. I achieve this by utilizing awareness and rationale of need, to mitigate funding waste and maximize value. Paradigms are shifted and evolved to meet the inertia of limited resources. It is necessary to accept, as it is the first step to recovery and wellness. Best practices encourage empowerment and responsibility, not enabling and liability, to develop a sustainable health, whether it be a person, orgnization or business.

I have been paying attention to the County Home ”situation” as a taxpayer with keen but increasingly frustrated interest. I have seen the photos, read the statements, reports and testimonials with this point in mind – is it viable? After reading the vote outcome article in The Post-Journal of Jan. 24, it is now quite apparent that an old adage of ”a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse” seems to fit. I would never want to let facts, reason and context of needs interfere with an ideological and irresponsible belief-system or world view I may have. Hopefully, my ironic tone is not lost to the reader. We are in a new fiscal reality and reason needs to outweigh emotion.

Joe Santilli II