Van?Horn’s 717 Tops Area Bowling

John Van Horn drilled a 255-246-216-717 to lead the Tuesday night bowling at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Van Horn accomplished his feat for the R&R Garage in the Butera’s Towing League.

Chris Johnson was next with a 243-223-222-688 for JPF Trucking in the same league.

Pat Walsh hit a 278 and Pedro Melendez a 268 at JBC.

Ray Textor won the Sweeper by prevailing over Matt White, 213-181.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Butera’s Towing League – Terry Parson 226-223-661, Nate Lester 228-654, Joe Anthony 246-237-652, Dan Gould 244-647, Scott Johnson 221-637, Pedro Melendez 620, Bob Carlson 233-618, John Johnson 595, Pat Walsh 584.