Raiders Record Top Swim Times

Jamestown didn’t knock off Orchard Park in Tuesday’s Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 swim meet – the Quakers prevailed, 120-66 – but the Red Raiders still turned in plenty of noteworthy performances.

Dan VanNauker posted personal bests in the 200 freestyle and the 500 freestyle, earning a berth in the Class A championships on Feb. 9 at Maryvale High School in the latter event with a time of 5:39.61.

Jeff Miller also had two personal bests in the 200 freestyle and the 500 free. His time in the 200 free earned him a berth in the ECIC Championships on Saturday at Sweet Home High School.

Also qualifying for the ECICs were Terry Hinman in the 200 freestyle, Mike O’Brien in the 50 freestyle and Nick D’Angelo in the 100 backstroke.

Recording another personal best was Matthew Caldwell in the 200 individual medley. Matthew Caldwell placed first in th 100 breast stroke and Andrew Caldwell was first in the 100 backstroke for Jamestown (4-5-1).

200-yard medley relay: Orchard Park, Jamestown, Orchard Park. T-1:49.93.

200 freestyle: Healy (OP), Allan Smith (J), Ogin (OP). T-1:58.19.

200 individual medley: Hoovler (OP), Matthew Caldwell (J), McArdle (OP). T-2:09.99.

50 freestyle: Manley (OP), Mike O’Brien (J), Charlie Simon (J). T-24.18.

Diving: Holden (OP), Ortiz (OP), Gossel (OP). P-224.17.

100 butterfly: Manley (OP), Smith (J), Ogin (OP). T-58.33.

100 freestyle: Healy (OP), Holder (OP), Rishi Gupta (J). T-52.30.

500 freestyle: Hoovler (OP), Dan VanNauker (J), Wardner (OP). T-5:31.32.

200 freestyle relay: Orchard Park, Orchard Park, Jamestown. T-1:40.06.

100 backstroke: Andrew Caldwell (J), Biggare (OP), Ciouk (OP). T-59.72.

100 breast stroke: Matt Caldwell (J), Myers (OP), Maloney (OP). T-1:09.60.

400 freestyle relay: Orchard Park, Jamestown, Orchard Park. T-3:45.21.



PANAMA – Parker Roberts and Michael Yuchnitz were double swimming winners and Ray Fortney remained undefeated as Panama won 10 of 12 events in downing Dunkirk, 125-54, in the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association.

Roberts was victorious in the 200 freestyle (2:06.97) and the 500 freestyle (5:55.75) and Yuchnitz took the 100 freestyle (54.81) and the 200 individual medley (2:27.49).

Fortney scored 225.85 points in remaining undefeated in diving. His total was just 1.75 points off the school record when the Panthers had 27 personal bests.

200 medley relay: Panama (Clayton Manwaring, Patrick Yuchnitz, Michael Parker, Steven Akin), Dunkirk, Panama. T – 2:01.99.

200 freestyle: Parker Roberts (P), Tyler Kuschel (P), Andrew Akin (P). T – 2:06.97.

200 individual medley: M. Yuchnitz (P), Andrew Saye (D), Josh Saye (D). T – 2:27.49.

50 freestyle: Elijah Palmer (P), Billy Bradley (D), S. Akin (P). T – 23.91.

Diving: Ray Fortney (P), Peter Kubera (D), Matt Merchant (P). Pts. – 225.75.

100 butterfly: Charles Medema (D), Parker (P), Ethan Wood (P). T – 1:05.64.

100 freestyle: M. Yuchnitz (P), Palmer (P), Manwaring (P). T – 54.81.

500 freestyle: Roberts (P), J. Saye (D), Derek Sweeney (P). T – 5:55.75.

200 freestyle relay: Panama (Palmer, Manwaring, Roberts. M. Yuchnitz), Panama, Dunkirk. T – 1:40.57.

100 backstroke: Medema (D), Wood (P), Joey Parker (P). T – 1:09.52.

100 breaststroke: P. Yuchnitz (P), A. Saye (D), Fortney (P). T – 1:12.96.

400 freestyle relay: Panama (M. Yuchnitz, Roberts, Manwaring, Palmer), Panama, Dunkirk. T – 3:55.81.