No Rise In Taxes Planned

MAYVILLE – No village tax increase is planned, but Marty Bova, Mayville mayor, would like a new local law just in case.

Proposed Local Law 1 of 2013 would authorize “a property tax levy in excess of the limit established in the General Municipal Law Sect. 3-c.”

Another section of the General Municipal Law allows a local government to override the property tax cap if a local law such as proposed is approved by at least a 60 percent vote of the local government. Bova said Mayville hasn’t needed to override the state’s property tax cap through the current budget.

“We don’t plan on having any increase in taxes, but the (proposed) law would be necessary in case of something not forseen,” Bova said.

A public hearing on the proposed law is set for 6:50 p.m. Feb. 12, just before the board’s next scheduled monthly meeting. The vote to hold the public hearing was unanimous.

In other business the board approved a yearly employee evaluation policy with initial evaluations beginning this month. Another evaluation will take place in November and then each November thereafter.

New full-time village employees will be evaluated three and six months after their date of hire and then in the regular November rotation. Board member Tye Flurrie spoke in favor of the new policy.

“It’ll help build a better work force,” Flurrie said.

Included in the evaluation will be an employee’s own evaluation.

“We feel it’s a good way to evaluate the employee, and the self evaluation (makes it) a two-way street,” Bova said.

Employee self evaluation will be based on a 10-question form approved as part of the new policy. The questions can be answered in a range of below average to superior and will be anonymous and confidential to encourage candid responses.

Following his annual report for 2012, Devon Taylor, village historian, received the thanks of the board.

“You try to do 100 percent for everybody,” Bova told Taylor.

“I enjoy doing the work,” Taylor replied.

Taylor has completed 22 years in the position.

Among the work completed last year was the addition of 114 pages of news items and obituaries to a binder. Taylor admitted to one failure, however: “Item 34, information about a supposed ghost near Dewittville, was not found.”

Seventy-two building permits for projects estimated to cost $588,000 were issued in the village last year, according the permit and activity report provided to the board.