Water Works 101

FREDONIA – Officials are hopeful that the water service to a residence complex on the State University at Fredonia campus will be restored sometime today, according to information available on the college’s website.

Sunday afternoon, a water leakage from a major pipe under the Andrews Residence Complex was discovered. The complex includes Hemingway, Hendrix, Igoe and Schultz halls and is close to the Temple Street end of the campus.

Water was turned off to the four buildings at 8 p.m. Sunday. David Herman, vice president for student affairs, who issued the first notice of the problem on the website, had hoped that water would be restored Monday but cautioned the extent of the problem would be known when the contractor reached the pipe.

As of Monday afternoon, crews were working in the area near Igoe Hall. Some sidewalks were blocked. Construction equipment and manpower were on site.

Michael Barone, director of public relations at the college, said, “The crew spent all night working. … Unfortunately the students will have to go without water one more day.”

Information on the website will be updated as it becomes known. The website also details the alternate arrangements for students residing in the affected halls including buildings where the students can use the restrooms and shower. Porta potties are available outside each building.

In spite of the digging and the drizzle, students appeared to be getting to classes.

Adrienne Childs, Sarah Fintel and Taryn Poole explained they did not live in the complex, but attend a photography class in Igoe Hall (photo and media center). Fintel said it was hard to concentrate with the construction going on, and the others agreed.

Childs, a senior photography major, said, “They (the crews) are working hard, and that’s good to see.”

She noted that they were lucky that the water hadn’t affected the media center.

Alex Vivinetto, a sophomore resident of Igoe Hall said, “Things are a little messed up.”

Referring to the problem with the village of Fredonia’s water in late November and early December, he added, “The same thing happened before.”

Because the sidewalks were closed in the vicinity of Igoe, he had to walk around the building to get into his residence.

Brandon Whitworth, a sophomore transfer student, was dealing with the situation the best he could.

“There are other places you can go (for showers and using the rest room) that aren’t that far away,” he said.

Looking at the construction crew, he added, “I think they’re getting the work done.”

Taylor Pashkoff, a sophomore education major, said, “I showered before they shut off the water.” Noting that other bathrooms were available and that porta potties were near, “They are trying to make it easier for us … but it is still annoying.”