Heather Gould Rolls 667 At JBC

Heather Gould put together another 600 in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League.

Gould scattered a 265-215-667 for JBC Pro Shop in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League Monday night at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Lyn McIntyre was the runnerup to Gould with a 256-212-657 for Fifth Wheel in the same league at JBC.

Howie McIntyre Jr. had the highest 700 with a 263-224-223-710 for Bel-View in the Jeremy Bel-View League at JBC.

Bonnie Smith racked up the third 600 in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League by shooting a 245-215-620 for A-Bat at JBC.

Kathy Jordan just missed a 600 by tossing a 598 on a high game of 212 for Helpful Handyman in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League.

Russ Payne had a 258-702 for Pepperidge Farm in the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Howie McIntyre Sr. rolled a 268-676 for Bel-View in the Jeremy Bel-View League at JBC.

Other high scores in that league include Debbie Williams with a 232-594 for JBC Pro Shop and JoAnn Brown 204-200-589 for Tupperware Home Parties.

Patrick Ewing hit a 254 at JBC.

Scott Nelson rolled a 257 and Dan Terhune had a 251 at Frewsburg Lanes.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League – Scott Nelson 654, Bill Pownall 245-653, Clayt Wiltsie 629, Dan Terhune 625, Matt Himes 235-623, Wayne Harvey 601, Mike Carlson 592, Matt Delong 586, Troy Beighhtol 578.

Cutting Lanes: Boozers & Losers League – Tracey TeCulver 597.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Sunday Nite Mixed League – Patrick Ewing 606, Ken Bedford Jr. 585, Justin Courson 576, Lucey Evans 501.

Seniors League – Jim Mitchell 220-588, Al Woodard 568, Don Proctor 510, Sharon Dowd 440, Marian Amatuzzo 429, Sharon Werner 416, Pat Kinney 415, Debbie Illig 413, Joan Frangione 409, Joan Frangione 409, Deanna Schrader 409, Josie Nicosia 407, Gen Juul 402.

Barmore Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League – Dawn Raynor 569, Daryl Wadsworth 211-203-566, Sheila Whitford 549, Lu Ann DeFrisco 527, Allene Hooper 524, Theresa Jackson 520, Sue Melquist 518, Beth Sacilowski 518, Cindy Johnston 516, Sue Bero 200-515, Kim Honey 492, Wendy Merchant 490.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League – Roger Volk 226-631, Jim Glace 631, Dana Albert 580, Bob Kaverman 576.

Chris Sieber Memorial League – Debbie Latona 545, Gloria Martin 519, Carol Farrar 500, Linda Riffel 491.