Snowflake Pickball Tourney Results Are Announced

LAKEWOOD – The Snowflake Pickleball Tournament was held on Sunday at the Lakewood Family YMCA.

Following are the results of each division listed as first, second and third.

Men’s A Singles: Harold Kaeta, Ken Waszak, Jay Bowen

Men’s A Doubles: Tom Anderson-Cooper Miller, Paul Young-Jay Bowen, Harold Kaeta- Norm Hebeler

Women’s A Singles: Marlene Sandburg, Irene Sandburg, Ann Johnson

Women’s A Doubles: Marlene Sandburg-Helen Sawyer, Irene Bozogan-Ann Johnson, Heidi Mueller-Morgan Johnson

A Mixed Doubles: Cooper Miller-Heidi Mueller, Paul Young-Morgan Johnson, Harold Kaeta-Denise Bender

Men’s B Doubles: Luca Asdente-Sean Williams, Joe Gerace-Tom Dorey, Gary Capage-Larry Waszak

Women’s B Doubles: Connie West-Denise Bender, Ann Aversa-My Ignatius, Susan Bauer- Samantha Bauer

B Mixed Doubles: Alex Conarro-Mary Conarro, Cleo Nixon-My Ignatius, Todd Bauer- Susan Bauer

C Mixed Doubles: Pat Fincher-John Depew, Emily Bauer-Todd Bauer, Lois Livingston- Robin Middleton