Sinclairville 76ers Program Elects Officers For 2013

SINCLAIRVILLE – The Sinclairville 76ers recently elected officers for 2013.

The 76ers is the Meals on Wheels program for the Cassadaga Valley area. The organization was formed in 1976 to create senior housing in the Sinclairville area and five years later the Meals on Wheels program was organized. Based in Sinclairville at the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room, meals are prepared and delivered three days a week on three different routes by volunteer drivers. The meals are kept hot with special hot boxes which connect to the electrical system of the van. Meals are delivered to Cassadaga, Stockton, Lily Dale, Cherry Creek, Conewango Valley, Ellington, Gerry and Sinclairville.

Recently the organizational meeting was held to elect officers for the new year 2013. Re-elected was Richard Smith of Sinclairville to serve as the president. Smith is at the site nearly every day checking on the progress of the meals, keeping the vans in good running order and checking on personnel. When needed, Smith will serve as one of the substitute drivers on a route. Elected vice president is John Sipos, who also serves as a driver on a regular basis.

Elsie Livermore is the secretary of the group and Margie McIntyre is the treasurer. Trustees elected include Albert Olmstead, Tom Alford, Lee Livermore, Irene Moll and Eddie Roberson. Ainsley Smith serves as the financial bookkeeper for the group. Lisa Rangel is the head cook.

Meal preparation begins at 6 a.m. and the vans are usually on the road for deliveries by 9:40 a.m. Each route takes about two hours to deliver the meals. The same meal is served on the same days of the week at the site located at the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room at noon. Mrs. Livermore serves as the site manager. For more information on the Sinclairville 76ers Meals on Wheels program, call 962-3455. New members are welcome.