Speak Up For Little Ones Who Can’t

To The Reader’s Forum:

Her children were in bed asleep. The late night news was over. Finishing up her preparation for the presentation to medical students for the next day, the mother reviewed some slides on a screen set up in her room. One of the slides was a dismembered victim of an abortion. Alarmed by a sudden sharp gasp behind her, she turned and saw her sleepy 3-year old son unexpectedly out of bed. Seeing what was on the screen, her little boy with great sadness in his voice asked, “Who broke the baby?” The little child saw what many adults fail to see. He knew instinctively what many “smart” people don’t. It wasn’t a blob, but a baby.

On the day when 20 children were murdered in Newtown, 3,000 children in their mother’s womb went to their death at abortion mills across the nation. Since the 40th anniversary (January 22, 1973) of the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade, over 55 million preborn babies never came out of their mothers alive. And some radical advocates and even members of the hardened clergy have the audacity to celebrate a man-made “right” male “justices,” not God, gave to snuff out defenseless innocent unborn human beings.

A mother struggling with the issue of abortion invested a tremendous amount of study in law, medicine, history, and Scripture to support her “pro-choice” view. She couldn’t find any. Like C.S. Lewis who converted to Christianity, she “was carried kicking and screaming” into the pro-life position “by the sheer weight of the evidence.” At 40 she got pregnant.” She gave birth to a son. That son was the little boy who inadvertently saw the abortion and asked his mother, “Who broke the baby?” Her son’s remark is the title of the book Jean Garton has written exposing the language tricks used by the abortion crowd who “tell it like it is not.” “Who broke the baby?” asks the three year old. “Because of what you have taught me, my dear son,” his mother wrote, “I pray for the blessing to answer, ‘Not I.'” Will you add your answer of “not I” with the mother?

World-class guitarist Phil Keagy, who recently came to Jamestown, sings a lullaby called Little Ones, “Who will speak up for the little ones helpless and half-abandoned they’ve got right to choose life they don’t want to lose. I’ve got speak up, won’t you?”

The Rev. Mel McGinnis