New York Takes Leadership Role Against Guns

To The Reader’s Forum:

The response to the newly passed restrictions on guns was not slow in coming. Our local politicians fell right in line with the NRA. I and (according to recent polls) about 75 percent of the American people agree that gun regulations have to be enacted, and the prospect for a long and drawn out fight in the Congress indicates that individual states will have to take up the slack.

I am pleased and proud that the state of New York was the first one to step up. We read the usual pap of disapproval -comparing gun deaths to automobile or other means. The difference, of course, is that the very purpose for the existence of a gun, and particularly an assault rifle is to put a large hole in a human being. I know there is hunting and competitive target shooting, but an assault rifle is not used for those legitimate purposes.

And as for huge magazines, it could be noted that the USA played a huge part in winning WWII and stopping a million man Chinese army in Korea using the Garand M-1 rifle with an 8 shot clip. Nobody should need more than that unless they want to cause havoc against their own countrymen.

Samuel Alessi

Scottsdale, Ariz.