Bernoudy Just Misses Perfect Game At JBC

Mitchell Bernoudy came within an eyelash of recording the fourth perfect game this week in the area Friday night.

Bernoudy began the opening game with 11 strikes in a row before leaving a pin for a 299. He proceeded with games of 210 and a 205 for a 714 series in the Mixed Couples League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Already this week, Steve Armstrong at State Lanes and Nate Lester and Randy Herron at JBC had perfect games while Heather Gould, also at JBC, went to the last frame before being denied

Earlier in the day at JBC, the Senior Coffee Bowl had the highest 700 as Dave Woodfield cracked a 266-269-734.

George Pierce was right behind Bernoudy with a 711 set on singles of 263-225-223 in the Mixed Couples League at JBC.

Also in the Senior Coffee Bowl, Bob Howe spun a 237-224-652, Jim Rissel a 227-200-619 and Marv John a 233-602.

Rita Anderson tossed a 222 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Cliff Carlson 223-598, Marty McKotch 207-587, Jim Mitchell 213-554, Mike Barton 210-551, Harry Jones 215-549, John Kotlar 505.

Mixed Couples League – Kevin Patterson 234-576, Cindy Johnston 204-540, Rita Anderson 522, Georgianna Dorman 486.

Shawbucks/Bel-View East League – T. J. Weimer 228-225-656, Brandon Miller 613, Howie McIntyre Jr. 223-599, Greg Bush 593, John Robbins 246-589, Zac Leone 241-586, Lenny Bush 583, Steve Michael 583, Bob Szymanski 575.