Dunkirk Bowlers Sweep Falconer

Dunkirk recorded a 4-0 sweeps over Falconer in boys and girls Chautauqua-Cattaraugus League Division 1 bowling.

E.J. Haase shot 236-557 as the Dunkirk boys blasted an 818-851-799-2,468 compared to Falconer’s 725-720-756-2,201.

Brady Manzella had a 178, Jonathan Collins a 177 and Alex Kubera a 176 for Dunkirk.

Mitchell Emmick rolled a 203-182-520, Weston Young a 182 and a 172 while Nathan Sanders a 162 for Falconer.

Hannah Schnars belted out a 161-451 when Dunkirk delivered a 715-675-751-2,141.

Adrianna Pencek produced a 174, Mallory Wojcinski a 164 and Caitlyn Chase a 162 in the win.

Falconer spun a 476-547-547-1,572 in defeat.

Dunkirk has a 23-17 record in both boys and girls.