Area Churches Should Rally Support

To the Readers Forum:

It’s been said that we’ve got just as many churches as we’ve got bars.

If this truly is the case, why aren’t more churches pulling together to have some kind of dinner as a benefit for the community and as a way to showcase your church? One church I know of had them once a year, it was a way for them to do the latter they told people, but part of the money was used for building repairs and the other part was to be sent to missionaries in two parts of the world.

The money raised here should stay here and help those in serious need, like the couple who lost their home on Dec. 30. With missionaries, you never really see their progress, unless the missionary work is local, which is a rare feat. I agree with those who think churches should try to be more localized and pull together than to have to depend on the government for every thing.

Another church told me they didn’t believe in the fund raising bit at all. It’s all good, but how exactly do people get a feel for your place if you don’t do it? A person may be down on their luck or plain plum new to the area, all they may see is just another building taking up space … or nothing at all.

Ronald Forsythe,