Board To Decide On One More Car Lot

LAKEWOOD – Quickly following the debate on a used-car lot located across from Wal-Mart, the Lakewood Village Board will have another one to consider.

Daniel Johnson of Jamestown has submitted an application for a special-use permit for a used-car lot and office at 266 E. Fairmount Ave., which is near Elmcrest Avenue. Johnson’s lot will not have the same volume of cars as the one proposed at the corner of Fairdale and Fairmount avenues by Lawrence Spacciapolli. Spacciapolli operates Larry Spacc auto dealers. The third-generation family business, which has been in operation since 1956, currently has auto sales lots in Dunkirk and Westfield. Spacciapolli is hoping to have around 50 cars on his lot.

According to Johnson’s application, the business will only have three to five vehicles for sale.

”A majority of the sales will be in the format of a customer ordering a specific vehicle from us, which we will then go and find, versus stocking a large assortment of inventory,” Johnson states.

The application also states there will be a solid fence and tall shrubs to provide a visual barrier for residential properties surrounding the business. The only sign will be a 4-by-6-foot one, which is pre-existing. All structures on the property are pre-existing, as well.

”We want to be sure to protect the charm and character of the village,” Johnson states. ”We will not have any loud or obnoxious advertising signs, banners, inflatables, bright lights, vehicle ramps or similar gimmicks. We are looking to maintain a small, simple and classy dealership.”

On Wednesday, the permit was approved by the village’s Planning Board. Now the Village Board will discuss the application during a public hearing at 6:45 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11.

Also, the new moratorium the board wants to implement on vehicle sales in the village will not affect Johnson’s application.

”He has already started through the process,” said Charles Smith, village building inspector.

David Wordelmann, Lakewood mayor, said the moratorium will give village officials a chance to update zoning laws to have a more detailed design layout plan for Fairmount Avenue and other areas of the village. The mayor said with detailed zoning laws, potential issues could be avoided.

At the board’s next regular meeting on Monday, a public hearing will be held at 6:45 p.m. to discuss putting a moratorium on issues dealing with zoning permits for electronic advertising signs, special-use permits for vehicle sales and building permits for storage structures.