Gun Owners Are Just Like You

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am just an average working guy, like most of you.

Not too many thing would would make me write to the paper. I like to hunt and fish, I own guns and like to shoot them. There seems to be a problem with that. Lately people like me seem to be under fire from some politicians with an agenda against guns. They use the term “gun culture,” “weapons,” “assault rifles'” and the “‘N.R.A,” all terms to make people think they are evil.

The “gun culture” is just a group of people that like to hunt or shoot guns. A gun is a tool, pure and simple. It is not a weapon until some idiot uses it as such. An assault rifle is nothing more than a rifle, cosmetically altered, not automatic as they would have you believe. The N.R.A. is simply a group of gun enthusiasts that further their sport and try to protect the Second Amendment. We gun enthusiasts are a minority that is under fire, due to the actions of a handfull of idiots that abuse the privilege of having a gun.

I think now and forever it is time for us to draw a line in the sand. We are not criminals. We are just like you.

Dan Wendt,