Gun Kill Far More Than Hammers

To The Reader’s Forum:

“Truth Above All” is the motto of The Post-Journal, but this paper belied that noble purpose when it posted the cartoon implying that more murders are caused by hammers than rifles. So, going with the “logic” of this cartoon and of the NRA, “Guns don’t kill people, hammers kill people”? Hmmm … let’s see. If you go to the Internet FBI page on homicides, you will find that, yes, in 2011 hammers were used in 496 murders as opposed to rifles as a single category of all firearms in 323 murders, but hammers as the weapon of choice? Hardly! The figures for murders show that guns were overwhelmingly chosen to kill someone – guns of all categories with handguns leading as the weapon of choice. There were 8,583 murders by guns in 2011. The FBI lists five categories and the number of homicides caused by them: handguns, 6,220; rifles, 323; shotguns, 356; other guns, 97; firearms not stated, 1,587.

Of the total number of murders in 2011,(12,664 ) more than half were with guns – and not just rifles which accounted for the fewest murders.

Other means of murder, including those infamous hammers, accounted for 4,081, less than half of all murders in 2011. It is still true that most murders are caused by the use of some sort of firearms, no matter how desperately the NRA tries to hammer(!) away at its propaganda, and The Post-Journal should honor its motto – it owes that much to the public.

Renate Bob