Armstrong, Lester Roll 300 Games

A pair of bowlers joined the 300 club for the first time on Tuesday evening.

Steve Armstrong, bowling for Falconer Vac Shop, spilled his first perfect game en route to a 744 in the Falconer Businessmen’s League at State Lanes while Nate Lester, bowling for Butera’s Towing in the Butera’s Towing League at Jamestown Bowling Company, cracked his inaugural 300, to go along with games of 231 and 211, on the way to a 742 series.

Jeff Ellis followed Lester with a 264-237-700 for R&R’s Garage.

Also at JBC, Dave Woodfield Sr. cracked a 216-236-236-688, Jim Rissel a 268-229-669 and Bob Howe a 233-277-660 for Tuesday Coffee Bowl.

Back in the Butera’s Towing League, Terry Parson spun a 267-226-648 for JPF Trucking, Rod Swanson a 257-665 and Pat Walsh a 257-661. Both Swanson and Walsh were bowling for R&R’s Garage.

In high singles, Ray Textor drilled a 278 in the Tuesday Sweeper’s League at JBC and Gloria Martin had a 225 and Linda Riffel a 220 for the Chris Sieber Memorial League.

Ernie Newhouse connected for a 266 in the Monday Men’s League at Cutting Lanes.

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League – Scott Heinke 622, Jamie Allenson 220-606, Ted Burtyn 600, Rafael Morales 237-598, Eric Johnson 585, Mark Almquist 580, Andy Almquist 579.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Butera’s Towing League – Joe Anthony 246-650, Scott Johnson 247-649, Pedro Melendez 233-227-630, Dave Kohlbacher 227-674, Chris Johnson 226-615, John Van Horn 223.

Tuesday Coffee Bowl – Don Chambers 202-533, Helen Chambers 403.

Chris Sieber Memorial League – Linda Riffel 220-566, Debbie Latona 207-549, Gloria Martin 225-546, Ginny Thompson 478.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League – Pat Bemis 609, Jason Rhodes 227-223-622, Ernie Newhouse 266-631, Chris Legters 233-622.