Keith Miller of Jamestown came away with tournament titles in the 5-6 Division at three different sites.

Miller won at 55 pounds at Johnsonburg, at 60 pounds at Meadville and at 55 pounds at Titusville.

Austin Smith and Noah Rivera won three times at the Westfield Novice Tournament. Smith was at 50 pounds and Rivera at 45 in the 5-6 Division.

Cole Bloomquist, Damien Marucci, Daulton Fraley and Brandon Rea captured two wins. Bloomquist (45) and Marucci (55) were in the 5-6 Division while Fraley (60) was in the 9-10 Division and Rea (125) in the 11-12 Division.

Kollin LeRoy (55) was honorable mention in the 5-6 Division.