Put The Brakes On Fraud

To The Readers’ Forum:

The P-J’s front page (1/11) highlighted “Holding People Accountable.” With an emphasis on front-end detection souring about 400 percent over 2011.

I thank those responsible for the good work (but also say) it’s about time! The assistance program is something we all support for those that are truly in need. What turns the opinions against the system are those that throw it in our faces with their ability to abuse our tax money.

With cutbacks in county personnel, it is imperative that County employees “tune their skills” from the back offices to front lines where initial contact is made.

So keep up the good work fellow neighbors, and let us not ever go back to “let someone else worry about it”. Because those “someone else” have also endured cut backs that won’t be able to handle any neglect in your good work.

Lets continue making all of our neighborhood’s accountable.

I have also heard some businesses are “enabling” employees who receive assistance by managing their “time on and time off” the payroll …. these employers must be outed by those who have first hand knowledge.

Thanks again Chautauqua!

Terry Killen