North Harmony Selects Asbestos Removal Contract

By Remington Whitcomb

STOW – Asbestos from the old highway building in North Harmony will finally be removed.

After rejecting all bids proposed to the town in its meeting last month, North Harmony has decided that H. H. Rauh of Lakewood will be awarded the contract for removing asbestos from the town’s old highway building.

In total, nine bids were submitted to the town. Aside from H. H. Rauh, other bidders were: B. Press, Mark Cerrone, Op-Tech, Stohl, Jupiter, Regional Env., Bradley and Envorio Tech.

According to several town board members, H. H. Rauh was awarded the contract because it was the lowest bidder who submitted all requisite paperwork in a timely fashion. B. Press submitted a lower bid. However, it did not correctly submit all necessary paperwork.

According to Sally Carlson, town supervisor, all legal notices for submitting a bid were available on the town’s website.

“They said they had taken the information off the Internet, and the legal notice was posted right there,” said Carlson.

Carlson went on to say that the town was never contacted by B. Press, and incomplete submission of bids was the reason the town had already rejected all bids from the previous month.

In accepting the bid, the town will pay H. H. Rauh $4,300 for the contract.