Frewsburg Youths Up To Challenge

Thanks to the efforts of nearly 30 Frewsburg area youth, the town of Carroll has one less eyesore.

McKenzie Cass, Jacob Caldwell and a bunch of their classmates at Frewsburg Central School have spent the past several months helping one of their Amish neighbors clean up their yard; a mess of plastic, tires and other debris. Other than four piles of tires, most of the mess is now gone – leaving usable space for the family living on the property.

Give credit to Cass and Caldwell for having a bigger vision than simply one property in Carroll.

“After doing this procedure and this process, we are challenging other schools and other towns and communities to follow this procedure,” Cass told Chautauqua County legislators this week. “It’s a chain effect. We can improve our communities one small town at a time.”

Every town has a property that could use some tender loving care. Every town has high school students or clubs in need of a community service project. They just need a reason to participate and perhaps some money to help the project along. Cass and Caldwell think they have solved that problem, proposing a cleanup challenge and asking legislators for $10,000 to use as seed money. We would suggest asking local foundations who already help with such worthy projects to help provide the seed money.

That suggestion aside, Cass and Caldwell have proposed an idea that could benefit every town and village in the county. It should become a reality.