USDA?Reports Increase In Crop Production Estimates

The 2012 crop year got off to an excellent start due to favorable weather conditions during the planting season.

The weather allowed fieldwork and planting activities to progress well ahead of 2011 and the average. Drought conditions and high temperatures dominated the summer months causing crop development to be a major concern. Beneficial rains during late summer and early fall saved the crops in most areas of the state.

New York grain corn production is estimated at 91.1 million bushels, an 11 percent increase from last year. Area for harvest totaled 680,000 acres, an increase of 10 percent from a year ago. Yields averaged 134 bushels per acre, a 1 bushel increase from last year.

Corn cut for silage totaled 8.08 million tons, an increase of 7 percent from last year. Area for harvest increased 1 percent to 475,000 acres. Yields are estimated at 17 tons per acre, an increase of a ton per acre from last year.

The 2012 soybean crop was estimated at a record high 14.4 million bushels, 20 percent more than last year’s production. Area harvested, at 312,000 acres, increased 13 percent from a year ago. Yields averaged 46 bushels per acre, an increase of 3 bushels an acre from last year.

Wheat production totaled 5.36 million bushels, an increase of 3 percent from the previous year. Harvested acreage, at 85,000 acres, decreased 8 percent from 2011. Winter wheat yields averaged 63 bushels per acre, increased 7 bushels from last year.

Oat production, at 3.25 million bushels, increased 91 percent from the previous year’s record low. Area harvested, at 50,000 acres, increased 47 percent from last year. The average yield, at 65 bushels per acre, increased 15 bushels from last year.

Production of barley in New York totaled 376,000 bushels, decreased 9 percent from a year earlier. Acreage harvested for grain totaled a record low 8,000 acres, decreased 11 percent from a year ago. The average yield per acre, at 47 bushels, increased one bushel from last year.

All dry hay production was 2.63 million tons, decreased 3 percent from last year’s 2.72 million tons. Acreage harvested for dry hay during 2012 increased 16 percent to 1.56 million acres. Yield, at 1.68 tons per acre, was 17 percent less than a year ago.

New York production of alfalfa dry hay was estimated at 902 thousand tons, increased 7 percent from last year’s crop of 840,000 tons. Area harvested, at 410,000 acres, increased 17 percent from last year. Yields averaged 2.20 tons per acre, decreased 8 percent from last year.

Potato production totaled 4.70 million hundredweight (cwt.), an increase of 16 percent from the record low 4.05 million cwt. produced in 2011. Harvested acreage totaled 16,500 acres, an increase of 300 acres from last year. Yields averaged 285 cwt. per acre, increased 35 cwt. from last year.

Dry bean production totaled 182,000 cwt., an increase of 10 percent from 2011. Acres harvested totaled a record low 9,500 acres, a 19 percent decrease from a year earlier. The average yield, at 1,920 pounds per acre, increased 520 pounds from last year.