Legislator Horrigan Does The Right Thing

How refreshing! How needed! A county legislator (Horrigan, V., “Making A Good Choice On The County Home”, The Post-Journal, Jan. 6, 2013) actually took it upon himself to do necessary background research which provided clarification on the hot issue of whether or not the Chautauqua County Home should be sold to Mr. William Avi Rothner. Let’s hope Mr. Horrigan’s fellow legislators thanked him for his good service.

Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots supports Mr. Horrigan’s action and conclusion. From his research, any doubts about the past performance of Mr. Rothner of Altitude Health Services are erased. Sale of the Chautauqua County Home to Rothner appears to be in responsible hands. Why would county taxpayers want to continue subsidizing a Medicare-rated home that ranks at the lowest level – one star? If Mr. Rothner increased the ratings of several other nursing homes to three and four stars, the chances are excellent that he will do similarly with his purchase of the Chautauqua County Home.

As a group supporting smaller government and lower taxes, STTPP suggests that it is incumbent upon county legislators to vote yes and sell the County Home. Surely, when the county is faced with offsetting losses of $3.3 million this year, the decision is a no-brainer: SELL!

Moreover, according to County Executive Greg Edwards (“Show Your Hand”, The P-J, Jan. 16, 2013) the following stipulations protect current and future residents of the home: (1) there are provisions requiring a stated number of skilled nursing beds to be available for 10 years; (2) Chautauqua County residents will have preferred admissions; (3) 80 percent of beds will be for county residents. In an editorial by The Post-Journal (Jan. 6, 2013), it was stated that the Chautauqua County Home “still manages to lost [sic] nearly $10,000 a day.” The newspaper’s conclusion: “It is time to sell the Chautauqua County Home.”

STTPP’s message, along with that of many county residents: LOWER OUR TAXES. Legislators, we suggest that the games end. Vote to sell! Sale of the County Home is one step toward reducing burdensome taxes in Chautauqua County.