Brocton Boys, Forestville Girls Claim Div. 2 Bowling Titles

The Division 2 bowling position rolloffs of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association were held at Jamestown Bowling Company on Saturday.

Brocton won the boys league crown with a 41-11 record followed by Forestville at 39-12, Silver Creek at 36-14, Frewsburg at 26-25, Randolph at 26-26, Clymer at 11-41 and Chautauqua Lake at 4-48 record.

Brocton defeated Silver Creek 4-0, with a total pinfall of 840-796-919-2,555 as Steven Krystofiak hit 208-576, Andy Morello a 202-210-548, John Nickerson a 541 and Kory Crandall a 202.

Tim Manning drilled 220-560 and Carl Catroneo a 218 when Silver Creek shot 816-747-911-2,474.

Forestville posted a 4-0 win over Randolph as Brad Dillenburg spun a 200-228-609, John Murphy a 204-215-593, Ryan Forbes a 203-534 and Phil Narraway a 500.

The pinfall for Forestville was 853-827-957-2,637. For Randolph, Skler Schapp rolled a 212-550 and Marcus Miller a 505.

Frewsburg blanked Clymer, 4-0, on games of 659-759-681-2,099 with Justin Randall belting out a 501.

Dave Applebee rolled a 523 as Clymer drilled singles of 650-674-667-1,991.

Chautauqua Lake pounded out a 578-515-495-1,588 with Matt Petrucha having a 366.

The girls standings showed Forestville taking the league with a 38-6 record followed by Silver Creek with a 34-10 record, Randolph with a 28-16 record, Frewsburg with a 18-26 record, Clymer with a 9-35 record and Chautauqua Lake with a 5-39 record.

Liz Golubski uncorked a 200-550 and Tessa Gibbon a 448 as Silver Creek defeated Forestville, 3-1, on singles of 617-575-606-1,798.

For Forestville, which had singles of 578-547-665-1,790, Emily Dillenburg delivered a 235-535 and Sam Nosbisch a 474.

Randolph prevailed over Frewsburg, 3-1, with a pinfall of 565-688-631-1,884. Courtney Eberle unleashed a 205-563, Tyler Henderson a 455 and Cienna Ribblett a 197-442 for the winners.

Shelby Snow shot a 456, Bridgett Rogers a 448 and Jasmine Campbell a 445 as Frewsburg booked a 586-527-589-1,702.

Jenelle Ingalls hit a 410 and Anna Holthouse a 407 as Clymer shut out Chautauqua Lake, 4-0, with a pinfall of 470-460-544-1,474.

Heather Sullivan spilled a 469 and Emily Paulus a 340 for Chautauqua Lake, which rolled singles of 453-456-471-1,380.