Fredonia Swimmers Top Southwestern

Fredonia defeated Southwestern, 91-81, in Division 1, in boys swimming on Thursday

Alex Beckerink was a double winner for Southwestern in the 200 freestyle and the 500 freestyle.

200 medley relay: Southwestern (Harry Troche, Jordan Powers, Konnor Bryant, Jacob Cotter), Fredonia, Southwestern. T- 1:50.14.

200 freestyle: Alex Beckerink (S), Matt Zevenbergen (F), Kevin Pacos (F). T-2:09.66.

200 IM: Reed Porterfield (F), Troche (S), Luca Prygotszki (S). T-2:19.66.

500 freestyle: Jake Brown (F), Carl Shoup (S), Jack Fiorella (F). T-:24.75.

Diving: Liam Rankin (F), Even McAfee (F). P-110.55.

100 butterfly: Trystan Meyer (F), Bryan (S), Alec Pattison (F). 1:04.03.

100 freestyle: Jacob Cotter (S), Brown (F), Jake Thompson (F). T-:53.62.

500 freestyle: Beckerink (S), Zevenbergen (F), Even Acadipane (S). T-5:40.13.

200 freestyle relay: Southwestern (Cotter, Bryant, Shoup, Powers), Fredonia, Fredonia. T-1:40.34.

100 backstroke: Troche (S), Rankin (F), Vecchio (F). T- 1:04.27.

100 breaststroke: Reed Porterfield (F), Powers (S), Lucas Prygotski (S). T-1:04.76.

400 freestyle relay: Southwestern (Cotter, Bryant, Shoup, Powers), Southwestern, Fredonia. T-3:50.89.


FREWSBURG – Olean topped the Frewsburg Bears, 104-80.

Individual winners for Frewsburg were Tage Johnson in the 200 freestyle, Josiah Blanchard in diving, Shaun McDonald in the 400 freestyle and Jacob Caldwell in the 100 breaststoke.

200 medley relay: Olean (Pat Brown, Randy Stein, Geoffrey Broadbent, Konrad Morawski), Frewsburg, Olean. T-2:04.41.

200 freestyle: Tage Johnson (F), Brady Stein (O), Abe Kneiser (O). T-2:18.14.

200 IM: David Carls (O),. Ollie Kohler (F), Ryan Brown (O). T-2:49.34.

50 freestyle: Konrad Morawski (O), Josh Peterson (F), Shayne Putt (O). T-:27.21.

Diving: Josiah Blanchard (F), Craig Rodgers (F), Nick Mole (F). P-166.80.

100 butterfly: Broadbent (O), David Carls (O), Johnson (F). T-1:04.61.

100 freestyle: PBrown (O), Chase Gregory (F), Nick Gengo (O). T-1:01.56.

400 freestyle: Shaun Mcdonald (F), Kneiser (O), Gregory (F). T-4:59.27.

200 freestyle relay: Olean (Broadbent, PBrown, BStein, Morawaski), Frewsburg, Frewsburg. T-1:48.59.

100 backstroke: Gengo (O), Kevin Volz (O), McDonald (F). T-1:11.75.

100 breaststroke: Caldwell (F), Materna (O), Christian Procter (F). T-1:19.23.

400 freestyle relay: Olean (Morawski, BStein, PBrown, Broadbent), Frewsburg, Olean. T-4:12.57.