In senior action from Jan. 15 in the Chautauqua Lake Horseshoe Club, Kurt VonKirst, Art Mitchell and Topper Westerdahl were 3-game winners.

VonKirst had games of 95, 91 and 87 with 83 ringers, Mitchell produced games of 94, 88 and 82 with 25 ringers and Westerdahl had games of 89 with 13 ringers and 75 and 74 with 11 ringers for each game.

Two-game winners included Frank Jusko with games of 87 with six ringers and 78 with four ringers, Jerry Vargason with games of 80 points with six ringers and 70 with four ringers, Ken Aldrich had a games of 75 points with seven ringers, Dave Evanzick had 75 with three ringers and Carl Casey racked up 74 points with eight ringers.

Other high games included Chuck Dickerson (81 points with six ringers), Don McCray (80 points with eight ringers), Mike Shannon (77 points with five ringers), Larry Piazza (76 points with nine ringers and Ken Hopkins (75 points with 10 ringers).