Making A Career

Making connections and sharing success stories was the theme of Jamestown Business College’s Networking Night.

The event was hosted as part of JBC’s Professional Awareness Week to showcase the success that its professional development training has produced in its current students and alumni.

On Wednesday, JBC welcomed approximately 90 visitors to participate in its Networking Night event. The reservation list included JBC students and alumni, as well as guests from the community and professional partners of the college. The event allowed attendees to meet, mingle and reacquaint while hearing firsthand accounts of the impact that JBC’s soft skills training has made on individual career development.

According to Jessica Golley, director of marketing and communications, the purpose of Networking Night is to reiterate some of the college’s professional development training for its current students while introducing the effects of that training to community members.

“What we wanted to do with our Professional Awareness Week was share with the community some of the professional training that has been successful for our own students,” she said. “It’s the beginning of the year and it’s a great time for people to be evaluating where they’re at and see if they want to make changes, either personal or professional. On top of that, it’s just a good chance for the community to come together and see what (JBC has) been up to and for us to do the same with them.”

Guests were greeted by David Conklin, president of JBC, who was pleased with the turnout for the event.

“People have asked me about our Professional Awareness Week and why we are doing it,” he said. “The answer is simple: we are doing this because of the success of our graduates. So often, we get comments from business leaders about how well-prepared and professional JBC graduates are. We have a lot of community business leaders that came to the college to see what we’re doing and how we are helping our graduates to be more successful through professionalism.”

He added: “It gives them an opportunity to see what we do that makes our graduates so special. And hopefully, we can plant some seeds for some of these individuals to create a foundation to build on their own success.”

Rosanne Johanson, vice president of JBC, also greeted guests. She described some of the soft skills of professionalism that JBC offers through its EDGE program, which addresses: etiquette, dress, goals and ethics. Attendees were then invited to participate in an activity. Using plastic tongs as a prop, participants practiced the professional and gracious acceptance of an unwanted or unnecessary gift.

A pair of mannequins were also on hand to display proper business attire. The dress pants on the male mannequin were left intentionally wrinkled to illustrate the importance of a professional appearance.

This is the first time that JBC has hosted its Professional Awareness Week, which runs from Jan. 14-18. In addition to Networking Night, JBC students were also encouraged to come to school wearing business attire to participate in Monday’s “Dress for Success Day.” JBC has also been using a live radio remote to promote different business topics as well as local newspapers and Facebook for “JBC’s Professional Tip of the Day.”

The college hopes to make Professional Awareness Week into an annual event.