Forget Personal Freedom, Worry About Others

To the Readers’ Forum:

The motto of America is “In God we Trust,” yet it seems as though guns and freedom are more important than trusting in God.

Tragedies are part of life, yet our immediate reaction is always why, and how can we prevent it. Seat belts and helmet laws were designed to save lives and have had record success in preventing loss of life over the decades.

If bridges were collapsing on interstate highways on a bi-monthly basis, would we stand idly by? Wouldn’t we be outraged about the loss of life due to negligent street and highway repair? The critical question facing our nation today is not the loss of freedom that gun laws may generate, but the loss of safety for our society, when the right to own a gun is more important than public safety.

I am for all gun owners, hobbyists, and hunters, who understand the responsibility they have for owning a gun. I would never want to take away the desire to own a gun from anyone, nor should the US government, which the Constitution enshrines as a right of possession for all Americans.

There are no easy answers for the unspeakable tragedy that has confronted our nation once again, but I do have lots of questions. Why don’t we cover mental health on our insurance policies? Why can’t we treat people who need mental counseling as though they have appendicitis? Why don’t citizens who own guns have them locked up, or stored away from home? Why aren’t there uninform gun laws that all states must subscribe to? Why can’t we create a public list shared by all the states of mentally disturbed people who should not have guns? The most important question however is, why is the right to own a gun more important than the right to public safety?

I submit that if we charged the NRA $10 million for each life lost due to gun tragedies of this magnitude, they would come up with solutions and laws to protect gun owners rights, and protect society from crazy unspeakable tragedies. I have faith in the NRA’s ability to do so, they just need to Trust in God more to see how positive protective laws can benefit society and gun owners alike.

Stop worrying about personal freedoms and start worrying about your neighbors’ or children’s lives! Who knows, the life you save may be your own!

Edward Vos