Area Police Reports


Carlos R. P. Rodriguez, 31, of Lakewood was charged with second-degree criminal contempt, unlicensed operator and unregistered motor vehicle. Rodriguez was observed operating a motor vehicle without a license, then parked the vehicle and went to a residence of a subject that had a valid order of protection against him. After further investigation, Rodriguez was found to be in the country illegally. U.S. Border Patrol was notified and the subject was remanded to Chautauqua County Jail.


Terry L. Kendall, 40, of Allen Street, Jamestown, was charged with second-degree aggravated harassment. Kendall was arrested after police took a report from a Falconer resident in which Kendall had threatened the resident’s life over the phone. A warrant was issued and served. Kendall was arraigned in Ellicott Town Court.

Michael A. Frank, 38, of Fairview Avenue, Jamestown, on Wednesday was stopped by police for a vehicle that was unregistered. Upon further investigation, Frank was found to be operating the motor vehicle on a suspended license and also had a bench warrant out of the Town of Ellicott Court. The warrant stems from a charge of third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and unregistered motor vehicle. Frank was taken into custody and arraigned for the warrant in the Town of Ellicott Court.

Michael James Pollaro, 27, of Foote Avenue, Jamestown, was charged with criminal possession of stolen property. Police say Pollaro pawned a stolen necklace in late October.


OLEAN – James W. Mitchell, 26, of Route 16, was charged with forcible touching. On Jan. 12, police say Mitchell without consent forcibly touched the sexual/intimate parts of an 18-year-old female. Mitchell was arrested, arraigned and is being held in lieu of bail.

Donald L. Beckman II, 28, of South Main Street, was charged with second-degree harassment. Deputies report Beckman was involved on Jan. 11 in a domestic incident at his residence. He was arraigned in Dayton Town Court and was released to appear in court at a later date.

CARROLLTON – Nathan A. Domenech, 27, of Bradford, Pa., was charged with moving from a lane unsafely, following too closely, driving while intoxicated, DWI greater than .08 percent and unlicensed operation. Domenech on Jan. 12 was observed moving from a lane unsafely that resulted in a traffic stop on Route 219. He was arraigned in Town of Carrollton Court and released to appear at a later date.