Competed At World Games

The week between Christmas and New Year’s found four students from the Gaffar Adam’s Karate Academy competing in Buffalo in the Sport Karate/National Black Belt League World Games. In front is Ethan Shields and in back, from left, are Julie Vincent, Sean Connor and Joseph McIntyre. Shields competed in the 8-9 Point Sparring Division where he won a world title. He also competed in the 8-9 Creative Weapons Division and placed third and Creative Open Hand Forms, where he placed eighth. Connor competed in the 15-17 Black Belt Point Sparring, and took second, and Continuous Sparring Divisions, where he placed third. McIntyre entered the World Games as an unseeded wild-card entry in which he had to compete in the Black Belt Division with more than 10 seeded competitors in each event. He competed in the Black Belt 14-17 Creative Forms Division and won a world title. He also competed in the Black Belt 17-and-Under Choreographed Musical Forms Division where he placed second, the 17-and-Under Black Belt Open Forms and the 12-17 Creative Weapons Divisions where he was awarded third place. Vincent competed in the 18-Plus Advanced Japanese Okinowan/Korean Forms Division, where she won a world title. She also took second in the 18-Plus Advanced Point Sparring Division. They are coached by world champion martial artist Gaffar Adam and Sensei Sean Connor.

Submitted photo