Oh, Deer: Archers Should Be Allowed In City

To the Readers’ Forum:

I live on Linwood Avenue in Celoron. I have 43 rose bushes in back of my garage and along the sides. Last year the deer ate all of the buds and blossoms. Then I fenced in the area behind the garage and the deer tore that down and continued to destroy my roses! They also eat other plants around my house. One even came up on my back porch!

I am sure the neighbors around my area would not object to a deer harvest as they are also victims.

Why not have archers eliminate the deer? I have a large wooded area behind my house and they could even stand on my back porch and shoot. The arrows would not travel a long distance. I am sure the neighbors in my area would have no objection, nor would the residents on the other side of the wooded area. Beverly Lindstrom, who lives in that area, is also troubled by the deer.

Also, another area that archers could hunt from is the Greek Club on the corner of Jackson and Linwood Avenues. There are always deer in that large fenced in area. Contact Andrew Laurey – he is the caretaker there.

Carisse G. Bush