One Small Town At A Time

MAYVILLE – McKenzie Cass and Jacob Caldwell are working on improving the world one small town at a time, starting in Carroll.

The pair of Frewsburg High School seniors, along with 30 of their peers, worked to clean up the yard of one of their Amish neighbors last October. The yard was a mess of plastic, tires and other debris before the students moved in to lend a hand.

During Monday’s Public Facilities Committee meeting, Caldwell and Cass presented the progress that has been made on the Miller Farm. Although four large piles of tires still remain on the farm, the majority of the mess is gone, making usable space for the Amish family.

“We wanted to make an impact in our community in a way that could be replicated, not only in our community, but in other towns,” Caldwell said.

The pair recommended to the committee that the legislature place a $10,000 line in upcoming budgets for other community projects.

“We want this to be a project that can be replicated and brought forward as available for community groups for years to come,” Caldwell said. “What that (money) is available for each year is for other groups that are able to follow these criteria, go through the process that we met with you about and really provide an organized way that is likely to succeed and benefit the community and the environment.”

Caldwell and Cass told the committee that they would like to create a community cleanup challenge in the future, which would encourage youth in other communities to identify a need and work together to form a solution.

“After doing this procedure and this process, we are challenging other schools and other towns and communities to follow this procedure,” Cass said. “It’s a chain effect. We can improve our communities one small town at a time.”

Following their presentation, Tom Erlandson, D-Frewsburg, told the pair that the county would like to give them and their peers a commendation for the work that was done on the Miller Farm. The commendation will likely be presented at the full legislature meeting, which will take place Jan. 23.