Christy Cuifolo Rolls 626 At JBC

Christy Cuifolo recorded the leading score for the women in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Cuifolo shot a 231-228-630 for Barmore-Sellstrom and Theresa Jackson a 230-213-626 for Shoeless Joe’s in Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League at JBC.

Bob Sager rolled the highest total with a 731 on singles of a 258-251-222-731 for Bob’s Liquors in the Jeremy Bel-View League at JBC.

Lyn McIntyre drilled 229-620 for Fifth Wheel and Sheila Whitford got the fourth 600 with a 210-206-613 for Barmore-Sellstrom to round out the top totals in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League.

Chris Price delivered a 275-689 in the Sunday Night Mixed Couples League at JBC.

Scott Nelson rolled a 279-676 for Piazza Carpet in the VSK Emporim League at Frewsburg Lanes.

JoAnn Brown hit a 214-202-593 for Tupperware Home Parties in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League – Lori Lassen 571, Kathy Jordan 208-557, Daryl Wadsworth 542, Leda Peterson 526, Bonnie Smith 525, Oleta Hannon 524, Dawn Raynor 524, Donna Clark 515, Tammy Baker 509, Sue Melquist 490, Sue Bero 488, Candy Johnston 484, Allene Hooper 478.

Chris Sieber Memorial League – Anne Sischo 203-537, Laurie Gorgan 518, L:inda Riffel 489, Penny Roberts 489, Ginny Thompson 482.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League – Howard McIntyre Jr. 226-222-659, Roger Volk 223-628, Howard McIntyre Sr. 236-590, Steve Ryberg 232-581, Scott Pollock 580.

Seniors L:eague – Jim Mitchell 223-571, Richard Franzen 215-563, Sam Lisciandro 210-551, Bud Sardi 204-520, Joe Lisciandro 203-518, Josie Nicosia 474.

Hot Shot Seniors League – Roger Gustafson 202-560, Don Proctor 505, Deanna Schrader 416, Marian Amatuzzo 405, Marge Giddy 401.

Sunday Mixed Couples League – Ken Bedford Jr. 248-615, Rodney Sharp 234-604, Justin Courson 582, Kevin Jones 579.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League – Troy Beightol 226-657, Mike Carlson 234-618, Matt Davis 241-607, Russ Payne 607, Matt Himes 604, Mike Norton 236-583, Clayt Willsie 579, Bill Pownall 575.