Youth Wrestling


Four wrestlers for Southwestern won titles at the Randolph Youth Tournament.

In the 11-12 Division, Chase Stevenson won at 80 pounds, Shane Hetrick at 85 pounds and Garrett Fransen at 90 pounds.

Austin Chase won at 55 pounds in the 7-8 Division.

Second place was taken by Nick Swan at 45 pounds and Jack Swan at 50 pounds in the 7-8 Division. Also placing second was Nate Card in the 9-10 Division at 60 pounds.

Dominic Certo finished third at 70 pounds of the 11-12 Division.


Three Jamestown wrestlers captured titles at the Salamanca Novice Tournament.

Cole Bloomquist, Cole Joly and Donte James won three times the 5-6 Division. Bloomquist won at 45 pounds, Joly at 50 pounds and James at 55 pounds.

Josiah Cruz at 50 pounds, Damien Marucci at 50 pounds and Dalton Fraley at 70 pounds won twice in the 5-6 Division.

Landon Jones got a win at 65 pounds in the 5-6 Division.