M*A*S*H Memories

The holidays are over, the fiscal cliff is settled (for now), and we need a respite from tragic news events, so it’s time for a little unimportant, yet fun, brain exercise.

Sept. 17, 1972, marked the first airing of the television show M*A*S*H, spun-off from the same-name movie, starring Donald Sutherland and Eliot Gould. The popularity of this show was evident in it’s more-than-a decade run, further evident in the final episode holding the distinction of being THE most watched program in TV history.

Though the show’s theme was the Korean Conflict, and you never want to look at war comedically, the writers, producers and directors successfully blended the seriousness of the topic with humorous antics, much like many of Shakespeare’s works. Whatever made it successful obviously worked, noted by the show’s high ratings, long run and popularity of syndicated reruns, still aired on numerous cable/satellite television stations, decades after the show’s final episode.

Do you smell a quiz? Good guess … I can’t talk about one of my favorite shows without doing a little look back, so welcome to 2013’s first “Bullpen” trivia quiz. Good luck!

1.) Col. Blake’s wife had two names during McLean Stevenson’s time on the show. What were they? (Hint … one of the names was also Col. Potter’s wife’s name.)

2.) Which name in No. 1 was Col. Potter’s wife’s name?

3.) Which character in Episode 1 of M*A*S*H was NOT played by the actor who made the role famous?

4.) Who played this character AFTER Episode 1?

5.) Who played this character IN Episode 1?

6.) What was the name of the Toledo hot dog place, often heralded by Clinger? (place really exists … still operates today)

7.) From where was Gary Burghoff’s character?

8.) From where was Larry Linville’s character?

9.) From where was McLean Stevenson’s character?

10.) In early episodes there was a character, Cpt. “Spear Chucker” Jones, who seemed to abruptly disappear from the ensemble. Why?

11.) Though Hawkeye often boasted of being born and raised in Maine, in two separate early episodes he stated he was from what two other states?

12.) What was Margaret Houlihan’s father’s name (include nickname)?

13.) Who was the only actor from the movie who continued his role on television?

14.) What were the names of Sgt. Rizzo’s wife and son?

15.) What was the five-letter word for bed bug (NY Times Crossword Puzzle) the 4077th searched for so hard that Hawkeye sent word to a Navy friend for help?

16.) What was the title of the theme song of M*A*S*H?

17.) From where was Mike Farrell’s character?

18.) Who played Major Sidney Freedman?

19.) What was Hawkeye’s father’s name?

20.) What was Major Winchester’s father’s name?

21.) Which four characters were portrayed in two different spinoffs of M*A*S*H?

22.) Which characters in No. 21 were on which spinoff?

23.) What did Hawkeye forget to order when he ordered ribs from Chicago?

24.) What specifically did Hawkeye rant that he’d eaten in the Adam’s Ribs episode.

25.) What was the name of the zany intelligence officer who frequented the 4077th?

26.) From where did Frank say his bible came?

27.) What did many characters call Frank Burns?

28.) What was the name of the candy manufacturer in the episode where Charles secretly left candy at the orphanage?

29.) What was the character name of the officer who assigned Charles to the 4077th?

30.) What veteran actress/singer/dancer portrayed stripper Brandy Doyle in the USO episodes?

31.) What real actress was rumored by Hawkeye and Charles to be visiting the 4077th in appreciation for care given to her cousin, Whitey?

32.) What was the character name of the visiting boxer who visited the 4077th and suffered a heart attack? (include nickname)

33.) What was the same name shared by Frank and Trapper’s wives?

34.) What were the names of Trapper’s daughters?

35.) What was written on the M*A*S*H 4077 sign?

36.) What did M*A*S*H stand for?

37.) In the interview episodes, what actual newsman conducted the interviews?

38.) Which actor, while in the show, wore his real-life dog tags from his actual service in the Korean Conflict?

39.) What was the character name of the radio operator at HQ Soule? (include nickname)

40.) What was strange about Col. Potter’s horse?

Well, there it is. Named one of the best 50 television series of all time, quite possibly very high on that list, M*A*S*H has, and continues to, entertain many viewers. I hope you did well on this edition of TV Trivia.

As always, I’ll give answers, not that you’ll need them. Score 2.5 points/correct answer.

1.) Mildred, Lorraine

2.) Mildred

3.) Father Mulcahy

4.) William Christopher

5.) George Morgan

6.) Tony Packo’s Hungarian Hot Dogs

7.) Ottumwa, Iowa

8.) Fort Wayne, Ind.

9.)Bloomington, Ill.

10.) He was an African-American surgeon. Further research showed no record of African-American surgeons in Korea.

11.) One episode mentioned Connecticut, one Vermont.

12.) “Howitzer” Al Houlihan

13.) Gary Burghoff (Radar)

14.) Zola, Little Baby Bubba

15.) vonce

16.) Suicide is Painless

17.) Mill Valley, Calif.

18.) Allan Arbus

19.) Dr. Daniel Pierce

20.) Charles Emerson Winchester Jr.

21.) Col. Potter, Trapper John, Father Mulcahy, Sgt. Clinger

22.) Potter, Mulcahy, Clinger on After M*A*S*H, Trapper on Trapper John M.D.

23.) Cole slaw

24.) “A river of liver and an ocean of fish”

25.) Col. Flagg

26.) An expensive curio shop at the Indianapolis Speedway

27.) “Ferret Face”

28.) Wallingford & Chadwick Confectioners

29.) Col. Horace Baldwin

30.) Gwen Verdon

31.) Marilyn Monroe

32.) “Gentleman” Joe Cavanaugh

33.) Louise

34.) Kathy, Becky

35.) “Best Care Anywhere”

36.) Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

37.) Clete Roberts

38.) Jamie Farr (Clinger)

39.) Sgt. “Sparky” Pryor

40.) When Radar gave Col. Potter the horse, it was male. Later the horse became a mare named Sophie. (no explanation)