Local Students Take Part In Project AIM

A group of students the from YWCA Washington Advantage afterschool program recently participated in a program called “Project AIM,” which was taught by the YWCA’s CAPP (Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention) program.

Project AIM is designed to reduce risky behaviors in area youths ages 11 to 14. The intervention program is based on Markus’ Theory of Possible Selves, which states that a person’s motivation is determined by a balance of positive and negative ways people see themselves in the future.

Individuals who are able to imagine both possible positive and negative futures are more likely to work toward their life goals and achieve future success. The program encourages youth to imagine a positive future and discuss how current risk behaviors can be a barrier to a successful adulthood.

The youth participated in fun educational activities and also got to complete interest inventories to see what kind of jobs they might like to do someday, make sample resumes and business cards, role play, and talk with their peers about how risky behaviors can affect their future selves.

Anyone looking for more information about the Project AIM program can contact Jessica Dayton, program director at 484-4487 or by email at capp@ywcaofjamestown.com.