Martial Arts Promotions

These members of Rick Johnson’s Black Belt Academy recently received promotions. In front, from left, are Greg Flagella, assistant instructor, and Rick Johnson, chief instructor. In the second row are Rowland Shoobridge, promoted to blue/black belt; Anthony Tundel, promoted to yellow/black belt; Cole Chimenti, promoted to purple/black belt; Dylan Sorenson, promoted to third brown/black belt; Riley Stanko, promoted to second degree brown/black belt; Michael Ciprich, promoted to green/black belt; and Tommy Rice, promoted to green/black belt. In back are Sierra Gilliand, promoted to purple/black belt; John Rice, promoted to green/black belt; Dillon Redfield, promoted to third degree brown/black belt; Taylor Dunning, promoted to yellow/black belt; and Dahlia Sitler, promoted to third degree brown/ black belt.

Submitted photo