Pool Leagues

The Puzzle Lounge got by Waddington’s Tavern, 109-100, in the Women’s Winter Monday Night Pool League.

Patsy’s Grill also edged the Moose Club, 100-99.

Shooting perfect 24s were Gina Vasquez and Kristen Ackley.

– – –

In week 12 action from the Jamestown Tuesday Night Men’s Pool League, Dash Inn cruised past Cadili’s, 141-97; The Q beat Waddington’s, 126-102; Patsy’s edged Crescent Inn II, 122-121; Good Time topped VVA, 124-118; Crescent Inn I downed Dugan’s 127-107; Falconer Moose I defeated The Bar, 134-108; Road House got by Falconer Moose II, 121-119; and the Puzzle dropped the Swamp 132-100.

Shooting perfect 24s were T.R. Becker, John Robbins, Steve Kotch, Dave Darling, Rich Milliman, Todd Propheter, Bud Rhodes, Randy Woodmansee, Dean McKoon, Tom Perez, Jamie Eaton, Don Brooks, E.C. Colon, Tex Knowlton, Bodine Shafer and Dave Lepley.

– – –

There were eight perfect 24s during Week 13 of the Jamestown Area Wednesday Night Men’s Pool League.

They were Chris Rasmussen, Rick Elardo, Mark Frankson, Joe Wetzel, Dave Gendron, Art Silvis, Joe Rojas and Mark Jackson.

Crescent Inn II topped Cadili’s, 134-102; Fifth Wheel handled Road House II, 131-96; Crescent Inn I defeated Road House I, 131-101; and both Dugan’s and Anderson’s had a bye.

– – –

After week 14 of the Valley Pool Mixed League, Whiskey Hills Saloon 1 is in first place with 54 wins, Witch Kitch 2 is second with 43 wins and Whiskey Hills 3 is third with 37 wins.

The individual leaders for the men’s division are Mat Fox and John Leckliter, who share first place with 320 balls followed by Rich Milliman with 315 balls.

For the women’s division, Michelle Frost sits in first with 282 balls, Patsy Klemens is second with 266 balls and Kayla Schafer holds third place with 226 balls.

Shooting perfect scores of 24 were Bruce Ensminger, Steve Kotch, Michelle Frost, Dan Penhollow, Rich Milliman, Layne Fox, Mat Fox, and John Leckliter. Bruce Ensminger had a table run.