Retired SUNY?Fredonia Employees Raise Funds

FREDONIA – Final tallies for the 2012 SEFA campaign at the State University at Fredonia are in.

A grand total of $48,699 was raised for the State Employees’ Federated Appeal by 344 current and retired SUNY Fredonia employees, reported SEFA committee co-chairs Megan Mackowiak and Kathy Dyckes. Donations eclipsed the campaign’s $45,000 goal by almost $3,700 – the 16th straight year the campus has exceeded its goal.

Participation grew by 17 employees over the prior year’s campaign.

Dozens of area agencies receive proceeds from the campaign, including such entities as the American Cancer Society, Chautauqua County Rural Ministry and the SUNY Fredonia Campus and Community Children’s Center.