Local Bank Gives St. Susan Center Second Of Three $5,000 Grants

As part of a three-year grant, St. Susan Center recently received a check for $5,000 from Jamestown Savings Bank Division of Northwest Savings Bank.

According to Sue Colwell, executive director for St. Susan, the project was spearheaded by Lisa Haglund, assistant vice president of the Lakewood branch.

“It’s because of her, and her heart is for St. Susan Center,” said Colwell. “The money will be used toward operations, food and whatever else is needed. Last year we served 98,000 meals, and the year before was 95,000, so the need continues to grow. So, we’re thrilled to be receiving this grant because I’m constantly in a state of fundraising and any time people come to us with a gift like this it’s very exciting. It’s because of the community that we can keep our doors open.”

The donation was the second portion of the three-year grant. In 2014, St. Susan Center will receive the third portion of $5,000 to reach the $15,000 total. In addition to the grant, Haglund runs a fundraiser at the four Chautauqua County branches over a four-week period. Last year, the fundraiser which is made possible through donations from the community when entering a branch, raised in additional $1,000 for St. Susan Center, and this year $2,000 was raised.

“At St. Susan Center, Sue does a great job at running the program,” said Haglund. “There is so much that goes into it, but the main core mission is to feed the hungry and to make them feel welcome as a guest. I think it’s important to keep donations local and to be aware of the local agencies around us. That’s why we also donate to United Way and to the Chautauqua County Humane Society.”

According to Haglund, through the foundation at Northwest Savings Bank, headquartered in Pennsylvania, Jonathan Scalise, New York region president for Jamestown Savings Bank Division of Northwest Savings Bank, was able to get the three-year grant.

“It’s a great organization that is wonderful for the community and is certainly deserving of one of our foundation allotments,” said Scalise. “They have great leadership, and we wish them good luck.”

St. Susan Center serves, on average, more than 300 meals each day. Its doors are open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 2-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information call 664-2253 or visit stsusancenter.org.