McDonald Shows The Way, Helps Bears To Swim Victory

FREWSBURG – Shawn McDonald was a double winner in leading Frewsburg past Fredonia, 115-68, in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association swimming on Thursday night.

McDonald won the 400-meter freestyle in 5:10.79 and the 100 backstroke in 1:15.76 as the Bears captured victories in seven of 12 events.

For Fredonia, Reed Porterfield won the 200-meter individual medley (2:40.05) and the 100 breaststroke (1:18.89) while teammate Jake Brown was first in the 50 freestyle (27.26) and the 100 freestyle (1:00.24).

200-meter medley relay: Frewsburg A (Shawn McDonald, Jacob Caldwell, Tage Johnson, Josh Peterson), Fredonia A, Frewsburg B T – 2:08.92.

200 freestyle: Chase Gregory (F), Cole Gregory (F), Nick Vecchio (Fred) T – 2:20.65.

200 IM: Reed Porterfield (Fred), Johnson (F), Ollie Kohler (F) T – 2:40.05.

50 freestyle: Jake Brown (Fred), Peterson (F), Caldwell (F) T – 27.26.

Diving: Josiah Blanchard (F), Craig Rodgers (F), Nick Mole (F) P – 182.41.

100 butterfly: Trystan Meyer (Fred), Johnson (F), Nick Fardink (F) T – 1:11.67.

100 freestyle: Brown (Fred), C. Gregory (F), Peterson (F) T – 1:00.24.

400 freestyle: McDonald (F), C. Gregory (F), Matt Zevenbergen (Fred) T – 5:10.79.

200 freestyle relay: Frewsburg A, Fredonia A, Frewsburg B T – 1:54.74.

100 backstroke: McDonald (F), Kohler (F), Liam Rankin (Fred) T – 1:15.76.

100 breaststroke: Porterfield (Fred), Caldwell (F), Christian Proctor (F) T – 1:18.89.

400 freestyle: Frewsburg A, Fredonia A, Frewsburg B T – 4:37.59.


OLEAN – In a meet from earlier this season, Shawn McDonald, Josiah Blanchard and Jacob Caldwell were the lone winners for Frewsburg in a 117-69 loss to Olean.

McDonald took the 500-yard freestyle in 5:50.23, Blanchard the diving with 183 points and Caldwell the 100 breaststroke with a 1:10.49 clocking.

The rest of meet was all Olean with nine wins, including double wins by Geoffrey Broadbent and Pat Brown.

Broadbent captured the 200 freestyle (1:59.54) and the 100 butterfly (58.44) and Brown the 50 freestyle (24.06) and the 100 backstroke (1:10.49).

200 medley relay: Olean (Pat Brown, Mike Materna, Brady Stein, Konrad Morawski), Frewsburg, Olean. T – 1:51.83.

200 freestyle: Geoffrey Broadbent (O), Chase Gregory (F), Abe Kneiser (O). T – 1:59.54.

200 individual medley: Stein (O), Kevin Volz (O), Tage Johnson (F). T – 2:19.82.

50 freestyle: Brown (O), Josh Peterson (F), Shayne Putt (O). T – 24.06.

Diving: Josiah Blanchard (F), Greg Farris (O), Logan Cross (O). Pts. – 183.

100 butterfly: Broadbent (O), Johnson (F), David Carols (O). T – 58.44.

100 freestyle: Morawski (O), Stein (O), Gregory (F). T – 54.40.

500 freestyle: Shawn McDonald (F), Ian Patrick (O), Kneiser (O). T – 5:50.23.

200 freestyle relay: Olean (Broadbent, Morawski, Putt, Stein), Frewsburg, Olean. T – 1:39.06.

100 backstroke: Brown (O), Volz (O), McDonald (F). T – 1:01.

100 breaststroke: Jacob Caldwell (F), Mike Materna (O), Christian Proctor (F). T – 1:10.49.

400 freestyle relay: Olean (Putt, Carls, Broadbent, Brown), Frewsburg, Olean. T – 3:50.83.