In Years Past

In 1913, the large Oldsmobile car owned by Almet Burland of Jamestown and valued at about $3,000 was completely destroyed by fire near Stow when the car slewed into a ditch and turned turtle. Gerald Tiffany of Jamestown was with Burland in the car and was driving. The two young men left the city of Jamestown for Mayville on business. The roads were poor, however, and when they reached the outskirts of Mayville the car became firmly stuck in a large snow drift. After futile efforts to dislodge the car, the young men went to Mayville by foot and transacted their business, returning later to the car. They finally got it free and started for Jamestown. When about a mile from Stow, Tiffany, who was driving, speeded up to 20 mph so as to plow through a snow drift on the road. They crashed into a ditch and the car was in flames. Both men escaped unharmed and returned to the city by traction car

In Cleveland an unknown man held up the assistant ticket agent of the Erie Railroad’s downtown office and rifled the safe and cash drawer. He tied up the agent, Frank Cogall, to a chair and while rifling the safe, he told Cogall that he was the one who had robbed the New York City ticket office of the Erie two weeks previously. He escaped with about $35 in cash, a diamond ring belonging to Cogall and nearly a thousand dollars worth of negotiable travelers checks. Cogall managed to knock the telephone receiver off the hook and call the police for help after the man had fled.

In 1938, Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler certainly looked trouble straight in the eye when he imposed Germany’s new 1938 diet, which was to consist principally of potatoes, fish and ham. This represented probably the most dangerous experiment the Nazi chieftain had tried and he held the world’s record for venturesome government. It wasn’t so much a question of public health – for experts said the proposed diet, while not good, would do – but Hitler was juggling with a stick of psychological dynamite. The mental reaction to the terrible monotony of such a diet might run to almost any extreme. The ample-waisted, food-loving German would display tremendous self-discipline if he was able to smile six months from now when facing his meals.

Once classified as “big business,” smuggling of contraband along the Great Lakes from Canada into the United States had dwindled into a penny ante racket, a customs official asserted. John J. Mullen, district superintendent of the northeast U.S. Customs patrol, based in Buffalo, said commercial smuggling in the Great Lakes had fallen away to almost nothing since repeal of prohibition. “Of course I can’t say smuggling has ceased entirely,” he explained, “but our men haven’t made a commercial seizure on the Great Lakes in two years.

In 1963, backers of a move to restore the two-party system of elections in Jamestown began preparation of petitions calling for a citywide vote on the proposal by May. The drive for bringing back the partisan method of election – abandoned under a 1923 city charter changer – moved forward following an hour and a half public meeting in the Hotel Jamestown. Under the non-partisan system, candidates for city offices were nominated by petitions and run under party designation of their own choice. Often Democrats and Republicans were on the same ticket.

Volunteer firemen rescued 25 sheep after a 40-by-40 foot barn roof collapsed from weight of snow and ice at the Eugene Cederquist farm, Strunk road. Two horses in the basement section were not injured. So far as it was known, none of the sheep was injured, a fire department spokesman said. Cederquist had about 40 sheep but some of them were outdoors at the time of the roof collapse.

In 1988, local brokerage houses were undecided as to how the stock market might react after closing the previous week on a major decline. The market opened on a high note on this morning then began to slide back as area brokers kept a close eye on its uncertain direction. This came on the heels of a major decline in late trading Friday when the market experienced a big drop. John E. Anderson, president of the Jamestown brokerage firm of Bodell, Overcash, Anderson & Co., said of Friday’s situation, “We dropped 140 points. It was the third biggest drop in one day in the market’s history.”

Work had begun on the 1988 Ice Castle. Hardy volunteers worked to harvest blocks of ice from Chautauqua Lake. The Ice Castle Extravaganza would take place in Mayville from Feb. 12-21.