Youth Wrestling


RANDOLPH – Jamestown produced four first-place finishers during the recent Randolph Wrestling Tournament.

Those finishing in first included Bryce Tomlinson in the 5-6 division at 40 pounds, Keith Miller in the 5-6 division at 55 pounds, Skylynn Tomlinson at 50 pounds in the 7-8 division and Jimmy Crist at 75 pounds, also in the 7-8 division.

Kaden Marucci was a second-place finisher at 60 pounds in the 7-8 division, Joey Delgado was third as a heavyweight in the 7-8 class and Nick Neid also was third at 85 pounds in the 11-12 division.

Nolan Gunnell earned a fourth-place finish at 60 pounds in the 7-8 division.

Turning to the Randolph Novice Tournament, Brody Retterer and Conner Retterer both collected three wins at 40 pounds in the 7-8 division.

Picking up two wins in the 5-6 class were Noah Rivera at 45 pounds, Josiah Cruz at 50 pounds, Damien Marucci at 55 pounds and Landon Jones at 65 pounds.

In the 7-8 division, Gabriel Retterer earned two wins at 65 pounds while in the 11-12 class, Chelsae Lyons had a pair of victories at 95 pounds.

Getting one win in the 5-6 division were Austin Smith at 50 pounds and Drew Suter at 65 pounds.